Elfjes are LOVE

This week I had a breakthrough of epic proportions 🙂

I discovered a Dutch form of poetry that appears to have been in use for quite some time. I am Dutch and a poet so one would think this breakthrough might have come sooner 🙂

The poetry form is an Elfje. It is bound to all sorts of rules  of what should go in which line. I broke ’em with my first poem. I only stick to the form:

One line of one word
One line of two words
One line of three words
One line of four words
One line of one word

I SO love to write Elfjes now, I can’t see myself stop writing them any time soon 😀

Here are my first Elfjes:

Your song
Pours into me
Makes my heart sing

A bird
Plays with sun
Chirps the day awake

Behind clouds
Bulbs push winter
Will you just go?

Go write Elfjes too, they are fun!

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