He owned the moon now. It stretched out in front of him in all its splendour. He had taken the Governor’s house and made it his own by bringing in the Persian rug he had inherited from his father, George Parmenthier the Fourth.

Tomorrow most of his staff would arrive on the first shuttle from earth. He rubbed his hands. Within a year the moon would outshine Las Vegas. He wondered if he should make a big fuck you sign that would be visible from earth once every… He tried to figure out when which side of the moon was turned to the earth but he never paid attention in science class. Science was for nerds. He hired nerds to build him whatever he needed to expand his empire.

He laughed and yelled for his butler. “James! Get in here on the double!”

James stormed into the room after exactly 20 seconds. “I am sorry, Master, the tea…”

George just glanced at his watch, inherited from George the First.

“You are late 5 seconds. This will be deducted from your pay. Give me the President.”

“Right away, Sir. My apologies.”

George glanced at his butler and pondered he needed to get a new one. This one was past his prime.

James ran into the room after 51 seconds, holding out a silver tray. “The president for you, sir.”

George picked up the small Satellite phone and held it to his ear. “President Chalmers, I have taken possession of the moon now. I would advise you to take heed of what I am saying now. My funds are unlimited. I can pay off any senator, any house member, any staffer. Today the moon, tomorrow the earth.”

The president laughed. George paced to his desk and timed the laughter. 22 seconds. He would have to get rid of this President too. Time to pay off the President’s mistress and put her in the hands of his media people. They would get her to give a teary faced account of the sexual escapades of the President. George smiled and thought how good this had worked with the two previous Presidents and a couple of Ministers too.

George had grown up with one truth. He had the money. He held the power.

The president stopped laughing, and said, “Look out your window, George.”

George paced up to the window and said, “I see nothing but moon.”

“That will be your view from now on. I have signed a decree the moment you stepped on board of the shuttle. The moon will be cut off from communicating with the Earth as soon as I break this connection. Around the same time there will be raids on all of your offices. Tax fraud. It only took me one talk with one of your employees to get all the information I needed to issue a stack of warrants. You didn’t take the moon, George, I gave it to you.”

A soft hiss indicated the President had disconnected. George stared out at the moon and screamed. He screamed so loud his butler and personal physician came running.

George stared out at the moon and said, “I have been double crossed. They will pay for this! They will all pay for this…”

The physician laughed.

George turned towards him, and snarled, “What are you laughing about, Franklin?”

The physician said, “James and I are leaving now. Our resignation letters are on the hall table. The one you have inherited from your great grandmother.”

George laughed. “You can’t leave. You have nowhere to go.”

Franklin turned around on his heels, and said, “The President arranged for our shuttle. You have a well-stocked kitchen. Annabelle is in bed upstairs. She has chosen to stay, even after we’ve told her that you’re going to be broke soon. Who knew, the only one who loves good old George the fourth is the wife he has cheated on so many times I needed two notebooks to write all the girl’s names down. Be grateful I have never shared that information with her.”

Somewhere in the distance a door closed. George stared at the moon and, for the first time in his life, felt lost.

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