“It is snowing!!!! Mom!!!! Come look!!!!!”

Jack ran to the hallway and jumped up and down in front of the back door.

“Mooooohooommmm will you hurry with my coat?”

Rapid moving hands dressed him in his coat and gloves and, no matter how much he protested, the itchy red had Nana had knitted for him. Then his mother finally did what he so longed for, she opened the door wide and he ran out with his arms and legs flailing.

He dove head first into the mountain of snow that the wind had blown against the shed’s door.

He emerged with the biggest smile, snow piled on top of his head.

His mother’s voice was sharp against the crisp winter air, “Jack! Your hat!”

He giggled and looked into the pile of snow. There it was, buried deep in the pile. He raised his hands and yelled, “Sorry, mom! I can’t reach it!”

She said something he couldn’t hear. He figured he could make a snow angel before she would come running with a new hat.

He fell on his back, madly waved his arms and legs and laughed so loud the angels woke from their winter slumber.

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