Fun (a Ganesha’s Blessings Bonus Story!)

Ganesha’s Blessings is out! I published it without much fanfare, at least where my blog is considered. When I hit publish I knew I would have to treat this book differently from other books, let it find its own way into the world. Part of that wayfinding is this story.
In it, a Ganesha sculpture comes to life. That is the start of a journey through life, releasing loads of past baggage until “I” find a big shiny W at the end of the road. Ganesha’s Blessings is a journey of fun, healing the hole inside and finding your W: becoming whole. Follow the link behind the cover image for more info!

Here is a little bonus story that takes place somewhere during the journey.


Ganesha tilted his head up at me and said, “What would you rather be doing, worrying about things that you cannot change or having fun?”

I didn’t hesitate, “Having fun, of course.”

He giggled and wobbled with his head. “Then why do you spend so much time worrying about things you cannot change?”

I stuck out my tongue at him and said, “Yeah, I sort of knew what you would say when I answered it. Do I really worry that much?”

He jumped on my knee, poked me with his left upper hand and said, “Let me see. You worry about what clothes you should wear to a birthday, and worry that the clothes that you select might make you look fat. You worry about the weight you have put on with all food you ate yesterday.”

“Stooooop!!!!” I put my fingers in my ears.

He giggled and continued, “You worry about the weather tomorrow as you might want to go garden then. You worry about the responses you will get to the book that you are working on. Need I go on?”

I pulled my fingers out of my ears, rolled my eyes and said, with the dramatic flair of a teenager, “Asked you to stop ages ago. Thank you for finally listening.”

“So what would you like to do?”

I smiled. “Have fun?”

He giggled again and patted my leg. “Good. Now, let’s continue our adventure!”

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