Be who you are

December is Gratitude Month on my blog! I really love that I get to write all these inspiring posts 🙂 Today is one that came to me early this morning. I cried when I first thought of it because I felt the transformation happen even deeper. It is another letter to you.

Dear Creative Soul,

From the moment you became aware of the world, you have started to create your Shadow Child. She is at the root of your ego, the one who is behind thoughts like: “I am not good enough”, “I don’t deserve….. (fill in anything that applies, like love, joy, kindness, friendship, a new car, etc)” and “I am a bad person.”

As a small child, you believed that the words your Shadow Child spewed out on you were the truth. Now, as an adult, you no longer need to adhere to her voice.

Beyond her voice is another one. It is a soft voice, very gently she keeps whispering beyond the shouting: you are enough. You are beautiful. You are so loved. You are kindness and warmth and all that is good. You are love.

This beautiful voice is the source of your creativity, the energy behind your wild typing fingers on the keyboard and the paint splashed fingers. The source of the idea that just flashed in your mind and doesn’t let you go until you do it.

Some call the voice soul, some call the voice intuition, some call the voice muse. I call the voice inner two year old, because she has that thriving, wild energy that is so inherent with being a two year old.

The Shadow Child shouts over this voice because all it can perceive is lack. All it sees is that someone else is better, has more gifts, is more talented, gets more readers on her blog. All she needs though is love. All she needs is love to heal her and make her whole. She doesn’t realize that, though. All she does is push it away.

Love yourself. Be insanely grateful for all your gifts. Allow yourself to create. Allow yourself to be who you are. Hold your Shadow Child in your arms and say, “You have suffered enough. It is time to heal and let me be who I am.”

Then grab your pen, your pencils, your fabrics, your wool, and create. Create what is in your heart and what others need to see themselves reflected in. Be love. Be who you are.

And smile.

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