December = Gratitude Month!

It is December! The start of one of my favourite times of the year, full of colours, gifts, festivities and good cheer. For many years, December used to also be a month of great stress for me, as it is for many others. This year I am making some BIG changes! I ditch the stress and move to something way more constructive.
This month, I am all about gratitude. To me gratitude is an expression of love, of acceptance and radiating that to those who make your life glow. Last week’s blog post showed me how important it is to express love in all-ways imaginable. Gratitude is one of the best!
Over the next month I will write a lot of blog posts on gratitude and on self-love and on how you can sprinkle both into your life!

This year has been so pivotal for me in so many ways. I am entering the crone phase of my life with a BIG grin on my face! And as no time is better than the present:
This past year I have made fantastic new friends all over the world! I am grateful for them entering my life and filling it with more joy.
I am very grateful for those I am lucky enough to be able to love: my husband, my pets, my friends and family, my soul sisters and my real-life angels. I love you all!
I am so grateful for the readers of my blog!
I am so grateful for all my gifts, for my creativity, for the constant flow of inspiration.
See how easy it is?

To kick off with a big BANG, I give you the first printable of the month: a gratitude journal! Click here to download it, print it and develop your gratitude throughout December! I will post once in a while to ask you to share some things you are grateful for.

I really look forward to the upcoming month, I am bursting at the seams with ideas!

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