The magic of words

This poem is crossposted from my Tumblr, where I failed to post one poem a day for this month, courtesy of a bad cold that kept my poetic aspirations at bay. I do love the fact though that I have written more poetry this month than in all of this year 🙂

words soar down on me

dance around my head

then float to my fingers

waiting to be typed

they shape into strings of

bits and bytes, energy flows

from my fingers to the screen

forms into black painted letters

my fingers rest and wait for

more words to find their way

to the conduit between the

woman and her pink laptop

eyes close and watch inside

pulling at drawers to free the

words so they can fly again

to sing on bright white screen

the last dot written, eyes search

the ordered line of words in

liquid crystals neatly etched in

an order that resembles lines

I smile as I type another word

another line, my inner child deep

in wonder at the magical moment

each word appears on my screen

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