Revising myself

It has been ages since I wrote and posted a poem. A little backstory to this one: I am editing a novella that has my life at its core, but is magically different. It is more than just editing though, it is… Well, read…


A flock of scribbles waits on my table

I turn them into characters in my tale

Fingers bash on keyboard, and my

Monitor lights up with my wisdom

My life is in these words, my heart

Shines through them even more now

I have edited out the rough spots in

The bits and bytes that form my story

I read the next scene and my throat

Clenches, I remember the moment in

My life too well, the helplessness is

Back, but then the words take over

They grab hold of my emotions and

Settle themselves in each character

I take a deep breath and a sip of tea,

My fingers type, a smile graces my lips

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