Interview with Kiana

Today’s assignment is a character interview. I thought it would be fun to give this a little twist 🙂 We’ll peek into her first interview upon arrival on Mars!


I tried to raise my hand, but failed. “I’m Kiana Meadows.”
The grey haired woman smiled. “Good name, well made up indeed.”
“Made up?”
“You can start anew here, make up a name and everything. Erase your earth persona completely. We recommend that in fact, starting a new life is cathartic.”
Malea, the thought of her rushed through my head, and I thought of her empty eyes as she stared into the holocam, her boyfriend for a day acting like perfect arm candy. Malea probably wouldn’t care one bit, but still… It would be nice if my sister could reach me.
“It’s a fine name, It’s my grandmother’s name. I adopted her last name when…”
I sighed, “When I left my father’s place at the tender age of 15.”
“Don’t want to carry your father’s name?”
I shrugged, “If you look up the word asshat on wikipedia, it comes with a picture of my esteemed father. Is that enough information?”
The woman reached out and grabbed my hand, “Caroline Montgomery.”
I blurted out, “You sound so young.”
She tossed her hair back, and said, “Believe me, I am older than dirt. I guess that doing what I was born to do makes me happier than anything. Well, I am not here to chat! Are you up for an intake?”
I yawned, “Sure. Curious what it is.”
She grinned, “Curiosity killed the cat!”
“I have a ques– Oh god, what happened to Beast?”
She laughed again, “That little growling Jack Russell? He’s in a guest room, with most of your luggage. Your pack is in the cabinet next to you. He is a fun character. The nurses have been fighting for days over who gets to take him on a walk.”

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