Father’s day

It’s father’s day today. As some of you may know, my dad is suffering from Alzheimer’s. He lives in a nursing home right now and gets happier the more his mind fades.

I thought it would be good to share the poem Acceptance from my poetry book Prolonged Farewell (which used to be on Kindle, soon on Smashwords).

I walked with you through the hallway

You firmly held on to the support rail

Taking baby steps towards your room

You looked up at me and really smiled

It was the smile of the child you were

All I could do was smile along with you

Seeing that child living so clearly

inside of you, open and so trusting

You see, papa, in that moment I saw that

your demons had finally left you, shut up

and went back to their hell dimension,

you, liberated, even in Alzheimer’s grip

That was the moment I saw your real you

it helped me forget the frustrated man

you used to be, the depth of your anger

no longer overwhelms me, you are child

I accept you, papa, I accept the grip

Alzheimer’s has on you, I accept that

One day you forget who I am, even though

I really fear the day of empty glances

And I will love you, one child at heart

To another, one soul wandering this world

To another, one infinite being to another

A daughter to a father, finally healed

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