Release your inner two year old

This post is linked with this post on meeting your inner two year old.

Let me start off by saying that this isn’t written for writers only, everyone can benefit from letting go.

When I talk about the inner two year old and how important she is, I hear from several people that they don’t want to remember their childhood, because it was bad. It still influences them today, the anger, the pain, the sheer helplessness. They still feel all of that on a level of their being and it hinders them.

If you only get bad memories and sad recollections, it is hard to think of good aspects in yourself, and a lot of people even hide them away, because it forces them to think of their childhood. Aspects like playfulness and joy, as something from your inner child. When you think of your inner child then, only ugliness prevails, and you don’t feel moved to reconnect with that part of you.

Realize that you are an adult now, and no longer a helpless child. In a way you get to play the adult you needed back then for your inner self. You can teach her to come out of the shadows, and come play with you. There is so much you can do to help yourself release your fears and inhibitions. Just allow letting go.

Declare: enough is enough

For a long time the fact that I have been bullied for four years in a row ruled my images of my childhood. Every time I started ot think back to my childhood, those images pushed themselves to the forefront of my mind.

One day I decided that enough was enough, I had so many good things happen to me, why did those bad things rule over the good? I sat myself down and wrote down a memory I had as a child, one that I will post here one day soon.

I began to remember the magickal times, the times where I felt so connected to nature I felt one with it. The times where I curled up in my secret hiding place and scribbled my poetry. I started to remember the laughter, the amazing laughter that made our whole being shiver with excitement and sheer, unadulterated joy. I sat at a table with my family a little while later and we laughed to tears about all the antics we experienced.

And gradually I forgot the childhood that ruled me, the anger, the hatred, the pain, and now when I think back I think of the girl that stood in the park and dreamily stared up at the roses. The girl that skipped ahead of her mom and dad, ready to see what waited for her around the corner. The girl that loved to write her silly stories and beautiful poetry. Letting go gave me a strength I hadn’t realized I had before.

I don’t say that bad things didn’t happen, or that bad injustice hasn’t been done onto you, I do say that you can choose to let go and remember something good, in stead of letting all the negativity weigh you down.

The added benefit

You will notice that as you let go, your automatic responses change. For instance I used to have this insane hatred towards people who bullied me. I saw one of them years ago and it didn’t even phase me. I felt calm and realized that letting go of all that hatred liberated me on levels that I couldn’t even imagine. I was blissful.

You deserve that too.

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