Flash Fiction Blogfest – Magic

this is my entry for Cheri Reich’s blogfest! Follow the link for all the other contestants!

Lightning flashed. Suwenn clasped her hands around its root and lifted it from the sky. She pushed the lightning in an open fire jar. She kicked the lid back on the jar and picked it up. Lightning roared at her, spit out its anger in bright flashes of neon red. She just smiled and stored the jar with the others.

The storm calmed down, baby lightning rushed through the dark grey sky. Not worth her effort. Her lips moved along to her mental counting. Twelve. A record.

She picked up the jars with a hover spell and left the balcony.

The king stared at her. She turned cold inside. “How many?”

Her voice shivered, “Twelve, your Majesty.”

“Only twelve. Not barely enough to light the castle for a week! You are useless! Go! Out of my sight! Before I do something I might regret!”

She marched out of the room, the jars of lightning in hover behind her.

She waited in the passage way. 9. 10. 11. She shut the door and snapped her fingers. Lightning roared behind the door, thunder thrashed violently through the room. Agony screamed and then nothing remained but the smell of charred flesh.

She marched up to the room of the Crown Prince. She kicked the door open and snarled, “Congratulations, you are King. Go look in the Throne Room and see what I do with people who disrespect me. Good night.”

The jars clanged together trying to follow her out of the room. Lightning flashed green in surrender.

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