A to Z – Yelling

I am the calm, the quiet, the yin,

watching the world from the

cocoon that has become home

Sometimes I have to close

the cocoon around me and,

again, find the stillness in me

As the world I live in is filled with

constant yelling, everyone seems

to attempt to shout over the other

I examine life from my cocoon

watch the seemingly endless

shouting and attention seeking

Why would I need to join them?

Would it make my writing better?

Would I attract more customers?

I watch the world from my cocoon

and see the writers yelling, for me

to buy their book, yet, I just don’t

I see the mouths of yellers move

screaming about how their opponents

are the evil incarnate in this world

My body clenches, my voice tightens

in my throat, I try to scream for them

to stop, and be quiet for just a while

My voice is still, like my self and

I cannot help but smile, I grab my

crayons and start creating, silence

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