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(this is a repost/rewrite of an article I wrote a while ago)

It isn’t often that things make me mad. But talk to me about bottled water and you get me mad.

When my country’s Crown Prince Willem Alexander began to show interest in water management, a lot of people laughed at him, saying that it was a sort of empty subject, a “non- topic” even.

You know why that is? Because we in the West are so used to the amazing fact that we can turn on our tap and get clean, drinkable water out of it.

Water as a luxury

The UN declared clean water to be one of the basic human rights. And they did it for a good reason. In fact, 900 million people don’t have access to clean water.And that brings me to one of my biggest pet peeves regarding water (and in general!). Most of us do have clean water. It comes out of our taps every day. But with luxury like that comes evil. And, that evil is bottled water.

Why bottled water is evil

Did you know that the plastic bottle you buy and throw out ends up in someone else’s backyard?

Did you know that some companies sell bottled water that is filtered tap water?They laugh their asses off — all the way to the bank.

Want more facts? Watch this video, that explains everything so much clearer than anything I can say in this blog post.

Bring your own bottle

Buy your own stainless steel bottle. You don’t support a billion dollar wasteful industry, and as an added benefit it saves you money. You can fill up at least 20 bottles from the tap for the cost of one bottle from the store. So open the tap and fill a stainless steel bottle like thone I own. You can get them in a rainbow of colors. I chose purple (for those who know me, this is a duh moment). It is on my desk, filled with water and every time I go out, it goes into my purse.

And for those who say, “My tap water may be clean, but it tastes awful,” I also have good news.

Back when I lived in a huge town, I needed to filter it because of the taste.You can buy filtration systems anywhere, that will filter out the yuck, and make your tap water taste amazing. My tap water already does, so I don’t need filter systems.

Please, from now on, bring your own water. And ask for tap water next time you are in a restaurant.

The planet will thank you.

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