Happy Earth Day!

A repost of my love letter to earth from last year


Strength rooted in the ground

Towered over me, majestic

Gentle giant standing proud

Emotion invoking beauty


The sun loves to play with

the sea, changing it to silver

Wind chases the waves, lets

them play around my feet


My hands dig into the earth

Bringing in life, feeding it

Bright green plant finds

Fertile ground to root in


The wind teases the trees

Twirling down the scent of

The promise that spring will

Come, I look up and smile


Horses play in the meadow

Farmer tosses up earth with

His plow, newborn lambs

Dance the promise of spring


Soft mountain water carvesa

Meandering artwork in land,

One of its arms a forest stream

For trees to quench their thirst


The ancient henge rises out

Of the earth like it always

Livedthere, part of her inner

Self she exposes to her children


Beloved city on the edge of

Land and sea, it lives there

As if she allowed it to be part

Of her creation, in serenity


She is my home, my art, my

Source of living, she carries

My feet as I move across to

Get to know more beauty

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