Star Wars

I had chosen the topic self-publishing at first because today my novella MindScreens comes out today, but I have already talked about it and don’t have anything else to share other than Amazon is reviewing it now 🙂 I published it at the exact moment of the new moon inTaurus:)

So, on to the topic of today!


Star Wars wasn’t a big thing for me until I met my husband. He was a huge fan. For me, sci-fi came on television, with Star Trek: The Next Generation as my favorite. (to my defense: I had never seen the crappy first seasons lol)

With my husband, I saw the movies in the theaters for the first time, because right around that time the special editions started coming out. I was mesmerized. This was storytelling that went straight through the genres and was original and special and amazing. I became a fan withA New Hope.

We watched the other special editions in the cinema, followed the making of the prequels (even became member of the website so we could follow the making of episode 3 on webcam)

Then came Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2007. There were so many of the stars of the movies and a lot of cosplayers.

And you know what? if another Celebration would come, I would stand there again, smiling as big. That’s just me 🙂

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