A to Z – Play

(this post is not one I wrote today, I wrote this in ten minutes one morning when I was planning Playful Soulwork)

Manifesto for the playful soul

You were born to play. You were born to create every single day, dream up your life in a grand and magnificent way.

Children don’t dream of spending eight hours a day in a cubicle.Children don’t dream of staring at the tv all evening until it is time to go to bed.Children don’t dream of sitting behind a computer all day and getting lost in social networking.

When was the last time you laughed until you cried, or peed in your pants?When was the last time you felt like you soared so high that no one could catch you?When was the last time you spent all day creating something new and exciting?When was the last time you have actually lived?

You were born to create, and everything you create is there to make your life better. It is not meant to be buried under a lifetime’s worth of fear, self-doubt, and criticism.

The moment you were born all this shit started to pile up on you until one day you knew you weren’t meant to live a very happy life.

Guess what?You were and you are.Not the fairy tale book form of happiness though. That is a pipe-dream.

You are meant to live a life to the absolute fullest, and that means that you cry when you are sad and leave the sadness behind you. That means you laugh when you are happy and dance when you are ecstatic.

You were born to play because your soul is all play, all laughter, all love. Yes, you have hard times sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should stop playing. Liberate yourself. Make art, make more art, make even more art.

Live, breathe, play, create.

Release expectations. Once you get on this rollercoaster all expectations go out of the window and something far better takes their place.

Live, play, breathe, create.

Release self-doubt and fear. All that shit is something someone piled on top of your soul, keeping it from shining. Let that fabulous light come through and shine, dear heart shine.

Play, create breathlessly and live the life you were born for.

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