A to Z – MindScreens

In exactly one week I will take a giant leap. I will self-publish my novella MindScreens on the Kindle! This will be the first fiction I self-publish, other than the flash fiction I occasionally post here 🙂

A teaser is posted below!


Jess is in love with Lucas Corwin, multi-published author and celebrated professor of New London University. When she wakes up from fainting due to depletion of her healing energy, she sees “Whore” written on the classroom’s MindScreen – the display monitor of her class’ thoughts.

MindScreens is set in a parallel reality where the government controls the weather and MindCops monitor thoughts of all its residents. Any act of insubordination is dealt with cruelly and swiftly.

Jess is a gifted young Grade A healer, who can heal anything but death. She is marked for a brilliant career with her government, and in love with Lucas, her handsome professor.Why can’t she remember much from before meeting Lucas?And why does Ben, one of her fellow students, affect her so deeply?

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