A to Z – Jason Mraz

I decided to add some music to my A to Z challenge, given that I completely forgot to include it last year 🙂

I love the music of Jason Mraz. Happy, soulful, intense. The story my being a fan of him is a story of two miracles.

Miracle 1

Vacation in France, a couple of years ago. I kept hearing this song on the radio that I completely loved. I couldn’t understand a word of what the DJ’s said, so I never figured out who the singer was. All I knew was that “I’m yooouuuhoooouuuurss” was stuck in my head.

then we went to a record store in Paris. As per usual, my husband was lost in the endless rows of CDs. I had checked out some of my favorites and I was bored. I grabbed one of those earphones that they have in the stores so you can listen to new music. Just as I put them on, a song ended, and a new one began. My song 🙂 I jumped and danced in the store, grabbed the cd and hugged it to me 🙂

Miracle 2

A couple of weeks ago I heard that he would give a show for a radio station. I was so psyched. I would have to listen to that station all day and then call when I heard him sing. Of course, my shy self really didn’t want to do that. I’d been on the radio a couple of weeks earlier and really didn’t like that 🙂

So, I just filled out the form on their website, and that was that for me. Then my husband found out you could win tickets through a record store. How wasn’t very clear. He was determined and figured it all out for me. All I needed to do then was pre-order the cd and write an email.

When I wrote that email I was filled with SO much joy and gratitude. I had a chance to go see Jason!

The evening before the concert I checked my mail. I had mail from the record store. My hands trembled. Then I screamed and cried at the same time.

22 hours later I stood in front of Jason, so excited and joyful that I felt I would burst through my skin. It was amazing!

updated to add one of my favorite songs from the new album, great video too 🙂

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