A to Z – Health

(this poem appears on both of my blogs for the challenge, not because I am lazy, but because it is important to me)

I used to be this healthy chick

who just darted through life

I played the part of someone

like those around me, normal

What normal was, I didn’t know

All I knew was, it wasn’t what

I was inside, I saw the world as

so much different than others

I tried to talk along whenever

they talked about something

on tv, meanwhile wondering

what was the point of it all?

Then my health started failing

I hit rock bottom, all of me

resisted who I had become and

so began the fight against masks

I never decided it was time to

be me, I just started to do all that

I loved to do as a child, read, write

ponder life, being one with nature

As my health deteriorated, I

became an old woman in my

still young body, screaming for

change, but unable to make it

The child in me got louder, told

me what I was meant to teach

meant to do with my life, and

got me to play in joy, fearlessly

And still, my health kept worsening

many days spent in bed because

my body didn’t want to move, I,

wrapped in a firestorm of pain

I began to shine, the child in me

created art, fearlessly, got me to

write the stories I was born to write

to write poetry filled with emotions

When the pain came I hid from

it in food and in entertainment

all to avoid the fact that my

body screamed at me for help

I became more the child and

started to teach how others

could become one with their

inner two year old selves: play!

I wore myself out, I couldn’t

stop helping, I couldn’t find the

compassion for myself as I did

for others, I truly missed something

My inner two year old became louder

and told me to finally start eating

foods that I chose when I was a kid

I read, I thought, I cried, I hesitated

I crawled inside me for comfort

when the pain was too much, and

my inner two year old said, listen

love your body, care for yourself

I became plant-based foodie, and

found the light in me, every day

I discovered howthe foods made

me shine, and gave me my strength

I love my body, and care for my self

I am who I was born to be, creative

I am the child that I once was with

the wisdom of the crone, endless

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