(my first Happy Snapshot, a creative non-fiction story from my life, dedicated to my dog Mikey, who died 2 years ago in March.)

The lake shimmered in the morning light. Waves chatted with the stones of the small beach. My dog stood next to me with his tail wagging, his eyes firmly on the stick in my hand.

I threw the stick with a mighty swoop and he flew after it in a big flurry of furred energy. He stopped at the waterline and looked at me before stepping into the water cautiously. Only his paws got wet. He stepped out of the water and barked. I grinned and called him a wuss.

He walked up to me and plopped down at my feet.

The sun played with the water and set a small sailing boat in a spotlight of sparkling joy.

I sat on my coat, ran my fingers through my dog’s fur, and smiled.

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