Do sweat the small stuff

(I wrote this blog post in 2007, and I feel it is good to reflect on the message again. In times of turmoil it is good to remember that there is bliss in simplicity)

It is evening, I have just closed the curtains, and switched on the lights. In the kitchen, the pans are on the stove, and in them, a simple meal is cooking. The cats are cuddled up together, and I just finished writing my latest book. I look around me and I just cannot stop smiling.

I do not think I have felt this blissful in a long, long time. Every step I take, every song I hum is bliss. Even the rain falling cannot deter that strong, soul-full feeling of utter joy. It makes me realize, that bliss is not something for big, huge events, it is for those small moments where everything is well in your world.

It is like waiting for the moment you will be happy, while you wait, you miss the small signs like I had, the flicker of realization that you are already there.

When you are looking for more joy in your life, start sweating the small stuff.

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