Rachel’s past confronted her the moment she entered the store. Her teen self looked at her, one hand on the side, one hand up to cast a spell. The now famous words “Abracadabra, natch!” hovered over the teen’s head like a cloud of doom.

She clenched her fists. How dared they publish yet another DVD box set without her even knowing? She silently cursed at her parents for signing the contract that entitled her to not a single penny of the huge amounts of money the TV series had grossed.

She watched as greedy hands grabbed the box sets. Two women about her age past by, chattering.
“She was so cute then! I wonder what she looks like now!”

The one on the right leaned in and whispered, “Jan told me she saw her once! She has gone really fat!”

The other giggled, “She never got another job after this one, I bet all she does is sit on her fat ass and eat!”

They both giggled and walked on.

A fiery burst of anger took control of Rachel’s body. She snapped the fingers of her left hand and said,, pointing with her right index finger, “Abracadabra, natch!”

Two red devil horns grew slowly out of the head of the woman on the right. Rachel grinned as she made her way out of the store.

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