The last rays of daylight
tenderly caress my face
body stretches in warmth
from the central heating,
it encircles me, gently
kissing, my cheek glows

I am peaceful, even as
winter creeps over my
world, this time it has
no hold of me, I smile
still, I know who I am
depression is not me

The laptop fan whirls
reminding me that all
the time I can blow a
storm through my
thoughts and let them
drift away from me

I can reinvent myself
whispers the child’s
voice in my head and
I smile brightly at the
idea of what I will be
until I know, it’s me

I want to be all of me
the sheer exuberance
that yearns to dance
across the earth, the
playful soul, giggling
at her silly thoughts

All the wisdom that
yearns to be shared,
scratched onto paper
bright and wild color
wise words dancing
whispering strength

The soft voice giggles
and asks if that’s all
I stand up to close the
curtains on the night
the light inside beams
like my soul radiates

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