Rule of three blogfest, part 3 – Aislinn

Part 1 – Roan
Part 2 – Anraoi

I woke from the sound of something falling hard on the floor above me. After that it was silent, and I almost was back to sleep when a bone-chilling scream pierced the darkness, charging it with sadness and pain.
I tossed my bedding aside and stumbled around in the dark kitchen until I found my lantern. I lit it and ran up the creaky old stairs up to the hallway.
Roibéard lay on the floor, his head bleeding from a gaping wound, a small rope in his outstretched arm.
Anraoi stared at his brother, his hands clenching the edges of his tunic, tears rolling down his cheeks. I could only stand there. Servants do not touch their masters, even if they look like small boys in pain.
I did the one thing I could think of. I ran out of the house and fetched Cleona, the village’s wise woman. Together we returned. Cleona ordered me to fetch her some warm broth. I entered the kitchen hastily, and gathered soem of the meager supplies in the storage. Three more months left of winter. We would be dead in one. No more hunters to take care of the village. Anraoi would enter the moon cycle of mourning soon. I could not imagine another fate than death for his brother.
I put a pan on the furnace, and poured in some water from the pump. I looked over my shoulder as I did this, feeling the chill of someone’s eyes on my body. I whispered comfort to myself, knowing my mind loved to take me places. I looked again. No one stood behind me. I hummed a sweet little tune to keep the unease at bay.
I thought of the fire that took most of our food. I stirred the water, staring at the movement of the spoon in the water.
Then a hand clasped over my mouth and a cold voice ordered me to hand him the storage key, promising death if I would not comply. I did as he asked. He opened the storage, emptying it into a small pack. He left swiftly, shouldering the bag he had just filled with our last supplies.
Roan would kill me if he knew I had recognized his voice.

Prompt used – Betrayal is in the air
Wordcount – 375

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