Rule of Three blogfest – Part 2 – Anraoi 

This is part two of the rule of three blogfest The post for my first character, Roan, is here. This is, as the title suggests, Anraoi’s story 🙂

Prompt used: Someone is killed or almost killed
wordcount: 288

They came to the door in the middle of the night, pounding at it with their fists and feet, crying, shouting for food. I clasped my hands over my ears and acted like I didn’t hear their cries.

Their voices stopped abruptly, the pulling at my heartstrings ceased and I stared into the empty darkness surrounding me. Three more months of winter. The weight of responsibility for feeding the villagers of Renaissance rested solely on myself and my brother, Roibéard.

Why had we chosen to become keepers of the food stores? In summer it seemed to be the easiest task for winter. The harvests were bountiful, the hunting was easy, as if the deer stood still in front of us and all we had to do was aim our bows in their direction.

Then we happened upon Roan. The day we pulled him from the claws of death, the large storage shed at the edge of town burned down, taking half of the village’s grains and all of the meat and potatoes. Then the baker discovered the grains in his store had turned green.

Roan became Bringer of Doom, no matter our protests. The poor man clinged to the last strings of life when he gained his title.

A loud bang on my door pulled me from the land of my thoughts into reality. I jumped from my straw bedding and felt around for my candle. I lit it and ran to the door, the light flickering as I moved, my heart pounding in my throat I ran into the hall and tripped and fell over something.

I turned to look what made me lose my balance. My mouth opened in a wordless scream and I lost consciousness.

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