Rule of three blogfest, part 1

Finally, the blogfest is there! Today I introduce you to my first character, Roan.

wordcount – 273
prompt – There is fear of an impending misfortune

They say I am lucky they found me. No one goes to the forest of Assart in winter, and no one is stupid enough to sleep next to the Espadon as the molten snow swells the river to twice its size.
And yet I live, thanks to the two brothers who found me. That day they tried to hunt for food, driven further and further away from Renaissance in their despair to feed the town. They never managed to shoot a deer. In its stead they found me.
And now I sit at the table in their home, and write my story. It is strange that I remember writing, but not any of the life that ultimately brought me to near drowning in the river. They say they found just me and my empty pack.
I took the name Roan because it combines their names. I owe them that. I owe them my life. They now are my friends.
The people of Renaissance do not see me as such. They call me bringer of doom, as one of the food stores burned down the day I arrived in town. Every time I meet one of the town’s people I feel their glances, I hear their whispers behind my back.
I can do naught about that. I barely lived when I arrived. I could not have set that fire.
Maybe if I’d been a longtime citizen of Renaissance, I would look upon me with the same distrust, especially now there is a lack of food. One extra mouth to feed with the sparse food available.
And there are still three months of winter left.

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