It has been such a long time since I posted one. Time to catch up!


Seb lived a life of rules and regulations. He stood up at 6 sharp, sang the national anthem and then put on his uniform.

He headed out after breakfast and manned his post at 7, standing straight up, arms clasped at his sides, maintaining the sternest of expressions. At 12:30 he headed out for some quick lunch before manning his post again until 5 pm. Dinner, some light entertainment, and then the rack at 10 pm sharp.

Seb lived for his job. The first time he stood guard he was 19 years old. Fresh out of military academy. He’d seen wars, he’d watched kings and queens come and go.

Now he manned the sentry box in front of Lakeview Retirement Home, his mind stuck 60 years ago. He lived to serve.

Every day his eyes sternly gazed at everyone who entered the building. He saluted the director, the chef, the old Colonel who lived in room 221.

Standing guard, all he knew.

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