This is a sequel to Yawp

Jay woke to loud screeches and a set of small claws burrowing into his nose. He gestured frantically to chase the source of the pain away, and shouted, “Bloody hell, little minx. What was that good for?”
He opened his eyes and stared at the small red dragon, looking down on him from the headboard of his bed. Not even a day old, and already the worst thing that ever happened to him.
She rubbed her stomach and said, “Yawp!”
He sat up and glanced at the clock. “It’s 6 am, I just fed you 5 hours ago!”
She tilted her head, and rubbed her stomach again.
He fought to keep the grin from his face, and mockingly sighed. “And what would madam like to have for breakfast?”
Her claw pointed at her mouth, “Yaaaaaawp!!”
He sighed. “Strips of beef, then?”
She breathed a soft red fire, singeing the pillow he just slept on. He cursed, grabbed his water glass from the night stand and emptied it over the pillow. He glared at her and said, “Guess that is a yes.”
He stumbled to the kitchen. She landed on his shoulder, excitedly squeaking in his ear. He opened the fridge, and grabbed a couple of beef strips. She landed on the kitchen sink, shrieking and jumping up and down. He put the strips in front of her. “Enjoy.”
He stumbled back to bed and looked at the damaged, wet pillow. He let his head hang, grabbed the duvet from the bed and curled up on the lumpy sofa.
Just as he lay down he heard wings flap and a set of claws landed in his neck.
She puttered around for a short while, and then curled up, making soft snorty noises as she rubbed her head into his hair. He lifted up his hand to pat her head.
He closed his eyes again and drifted off to sleep.

(to be continued, no doubt)

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