The little red dragon crawled out of the egg, pushing the hot pink shell crumbles away. Jay leaned over and inspected it, “Hello little one.”
The dragon stretched out its wings for the very first time, still wet from the amniotic fluid, and tilted its head. “Yawp?”
Jay grabbed the dragon and cussed when it bit his finger. “Feisty little thing.” He grabbed it around the beak, and turned it over. “Of course. A female.”
He cautiously put her back on the table. She sneezed. “Aaaaaayawp!”
He nursed his finger and grinned.
She stood up for the first time, stretching her back legs all the way up as her front legs reached for his hand. She sneezed again, this time singeing the back of his hand with her first fire.
“Watch out where you sneeze, little minx!”
She leaned with her head on the table, her breathing labored as usual after first fire, but her muscles rippled underneath her drying red scales. Jay mused that this one definitely was a winner. She wasn’t even dried out, and already had fire.
She clambered up his arm, her sharp nails digging into his skin. He whispered, “You are so damn lucky you are a very valuable creature.”
She leaned in on his ear, and said softly, “Yawp.”
He turned his head towards her. “Yeah, yawp. Now watch out little minx or I will yawp you!”
She shrieked, and spread her wings, more falling than flying down to the table surface. She tilted her head as she looked up at him, and burned fire all over his hand.
He smacked her over the head with his finger. She breathed fire again, setting his shirt on fire. He screamed and ran to the sink to get water to toss over his shirt.
As he dried himself he felt some sharp nails in his shoulder, and a soft purr in his ear. Then her little voice said, “Yawwwwpppp?”
She rubbed her horns against his ear.
He sighed, and said, “Yeah, yeah, we’re friends.”
He scratched her behind her horns and she purred.

( to, no doubt, be continued )

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