When I saw what the x day would be, I smiled.

This is our wedding anniversary. Married for 11 years now, happily.

We have had our ups and downs, but I know that as long as the ups way outweigh the downs, you have done a great job at being married 🙂

This one’s for you, Marco. I love you.

You give me room to be myself
to be crazy and strange as I know
that I am at times, you’ve accepted
me way before I accepted myself

You are my rock, my strength
at times when life just hits me
square over the head and I just
cry, my head on your shoulder

I love to laugh with you, to make
you squee like a boy, and I love
most of all to see you enjoy the
simplest things life has to offer

I love that you are so gentle and
strong, so kind and so giving, so
brilliant and eloquent, so talented
and so undeniably good for me

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