Winnie the Pooh

Ever since I was a little girl, I am in love with a bear.

He is a silly old bear, and I think he doesn’t even know about my love for him.

He doesn’t know how much of a teacher he was to me, how he taught me to take each situation as it comes and always find joy in it. He needed Benjamin Hoff to teach me that, but he did.

I have a big, beautiful edition of the Pooh books, given to me by my husband long ago, because he knew how important Winnie the Pooh is for me.

This past December I got a picture taken with Pooh, and I felt like a milion dollars or more.

This summer the new movie comes out. I can’t wait. It looks like the old Pooh again, not the new fangled series with all those new creatures and the little girl. Just Pooh and his friends.

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