I used to love to listen to the radio, all day long. Does anyone still remember those boat pirate radio stations? Radio Caroline was amazing. I loved listening to my favourite stations on my old lil transistor radio. I had one in brown plastic with silvery accents, it had a fold away handle and an antenna I could pull out, and I loved to scour the MW band for stations in strange languages. I often fantasised about hearing spy stations when I found some strange voice saying his words very loud and bland-like.

I dragged my little radio around with me everywhere.

Now summer comes near again, I always think back to how I loved to sit on the front of the house to listen to the radio during the Tour de France. I loved the summery music and the flashes of tour info were just fun but not very interesting to me πŸ™‚

I also loved to bring the radio with me into the fields behind the house. I have spent many hours just lying on my back, listening to the latest craze. And oh my gods, that speaker was just so horrible that I got startled when I heard some song songs on my record player. I heard whole new things in the music πŸ™‚

Remembering all this makes me nostalgic but also so happy that I carry my radio around with me. I can also call with my radio and take pictures.

The advantage of being a geek is that you always see something good and amazing in new things you acquire. But sometimes, just sometimes, I wanna lie on my back in the grass again, chewing on sorrel and tapping my foot to the music, listening to my old radio.

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