I’m a geek. I jumped on the cool new thing called the internet in 1993. Met fellow geeks on IRC, and went to meet-ups where I discovered that it is really funny to know people so well but don’t know that they are ridiculously tall. I met my husband in an IRC chatroom in 1997.

Ever since my first venture on the internet, I dove into all the rages. I coveted an e-reader when they first came out, wanted a tablet, in the early days I went to tech fairs to see what new stuff came out and ended up coveting most of it.

And I loved gadgets. Thing is, I also loved books, so I never had the money to buy the latest and greatest, but still, I managed. I loved music and couldn’t wait to get a CD player. Until I got the iPod and CD’s didn’t matter to me anymore.

Then the iPhone came out. I salivated and my being cried: want!!!!!

Of course, I didn’t have money for it until I could get my contract extended with an iPhone 4.

From then on my husband had competition for my love and attention. I waxed poetic about the cool features, about the great new apps I installed. About how cool this or that new function I found is, and about how I love to work on my iPhone.

Thing is, it doesn’t work. Even doing boring stuff is fun because it’s the iPhone.

I know there are downsides, for instance, battery life is not as advertised, I need to charge my iPhone every day. I have been the ridicule of my husband every time I comment on the battery being almost dead.

Still, he loves it when the iPhone directs him to a place where he needs to be, thanks to google maps. He hates it when I geek out about the blue dot moving on the screen.

Then a week ago, the iPhone ruled victorious. We drove on the other side of the country and he asked me to record a movie on TV for him. With the app, I have that programs our digital video recorder.

I grinned and did it. That should keep his mockery at bay for a while. Until the iPhone runs out of power again and I can’t charge it.

I am a geek, and I suffer ridicule. As long as I have my iPhone, I am OK with that.

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