“I have the iPhone 5! I was first in line! Oh, my god, this is going to be awesome!”
Gavin closed the door behind him and stared around at the empty common room.
Where was everyone?
He brought his iPhone to his room, sat down at his desk and unpacked it with the same care one would use for unwrapping a priceless museum piece.
He grinned at himself in the screen’s reflection.
The door flew open. Grimwald entered, scratching his beard, “Son, you have to help me take care of those damn beetles.”
“Hey, dad! I have the new iPhone!”
Grimwald tilted his head, and said, “You got it from the Apple store?”
Gavin pumped up his chest, “Yes dad, I sure did!”
“Bloody idiot. We live separate from them for good reason!”
“I ain’t no idiot, dad! I know what I have to do to fit in!”
Grimwald grabbed him by the lapel, and spat in his face, “I can see that, you’re still shrinking! You try to fit in their world, son, not ours. We tend gardens! We care for wildlife! You don’t need these bloody things to do our work!”
Gavin pulled out of the grip, “These are modern times, dad! What do I need with stinking flowers, when I have all this!”
He pointed around the room, at all the gadgets he collected over the years. “Don’t forget that you need me, dad. Now you go deal with the ladybugs, I will deal with my iPhone!”
Grimwald spluttered, “You waste your magic on making yourself fit into the human world. We’re gnomes!”
Gavin jabbed at his chest, “I am a renaissance gnome, dad! Now you go and leave me alone before I pack my bags and go live in their world. Remember that you need my bloody magic!”
The door practically jumped off its hinges when Grimwald slammed it closed.
Gavin grabbed his iPhone from the desk and wrapped his short lil arms around it. He heaved it to the wall next to the iPhone4, and plugged it in.
It turned on, he smiled and slid his tiny finger across the screen.

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