A to Z challenge ideas

Are you compiling your list of topics for A to Z?

Compile another list too! A list of things to do with it. To get you started, a short list by moi 🙂

  • write a blog about why you love / hate the topic
  • write a poem, free form, sonnet, series of haiku’s
  • create a collage on the topic
  • interview an expert or a friend
  • write an article about the definition of the word
  • write a short story based on the definition of the word
  • write a short story of a teacher getting impatient with his students as he explains what it means
  • write a poem about the loss of this word out of the dictionary
  • make a wordle on all words you like for a or b or c
  • write an article on how hard it is to find good words for X or Q
  • create a crossword featuring your word and then write a hint essay on what the word is

Do you have ideas to add?

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