Water’s call

The rain fell the moment the sun escaped the grasp of the earth. It drizzled onto the soil, and turned the land into a place only younglings enjoy. They slid through the mud like fish through water, their laughter heard throughout the village.
The slippery land is no friend to me, my bones are old and shatter with ease. If I had chosen the water, I would live my days as any other Aguans, floating through the gentle stream of the river.
Life in the water wasn’t my destiny. I fell in love with Lyur two days before my Choice came, and he had already chosen for a Terryn life, farming. So I dropped my fins and closed my gills without thought.
Lyur and I had good life. Fed the villagers, Aguan and Tyrran, and raised two younglings. They both chose to be Aguans, to our great sorrow. It has been half a lifetime since I last saw them.
The waters are tempting, even now my life is at an end I hear its call. And yet, I am grateful they never had to feel the pain of his death. I stared at the rain, and wondered what the Gods bestowed on my young, whether the laughter came from one of my blood.
I wished the rain would call me as it called Lyur. So I could enter the water one last time, my kin carrying me down to eternal sleep by Lyur’s side.

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