20 roads to more creativity

            <figure class="kg-image-card"><img src="/content/images/2018/08/more-creativity-2.png" class="kg-image"></figure><p>After a couple of months of hardly any creativity, I am SO ready to start creating all the time again! Here is a list of 20 things I scribbled down one day to get me there!</p><ol><li><strong>There are no rules.</strong> I can do whatever I want. Whenever I want. However I want. </li><li><strong>Fuck perfection.</strong> Trying to make something perfect is so stifling to creativity! </li><li><strong>Surround yourself with inspiration.</strong> I am working on a digital collection of all sorts of things that inspire me. My phone is always with me, and inspiration is just one click away. </li><li><strong>Declutter. </strong>Can't create surrounded by junk (unless the junk is scraps of paper for #9)</li><li><strong>Learn a new skill.</strong> This is where Creative Bug and YouTube come in!</li><li><strong>Don't limit the definition. </strong>Cooking a new meal from scratch and adding ingredients that want to be added is creativity too!</li><li><strong>Set out your tools.</strong> I am turning my desk into a creative haven, where every tool I might need to create is an arms-length away. </li><li><strong>Make time</strong>. An essential one. Can't create if I keep myself busy with something else. </li><li><strong>Art journal. </strong>My art journal is my safe space, where I can experiment with my wild ideas and silly notions. </li><li><strong>Play</strong>. There's no creativity without play for me. Play is letting go of everything, staying in the moment and creating whatever I can think of. </li><li><strong>When in doubt, collage!</strong> I sometimes can sit and stare at an empty page and not think of anything. That's when I need to grab my stack of collage papers, a glue stick and have a party :)</li><li><strong>Limit your options.</strong> I always used to have a bag full of creative stuff that I hauled around the house. Now I only have a sketch book, 3 pens and a tiny watercolour set with me at all times. It's way more than I need!</li><li><strong>New toys.</strong> Fits with #5 :) Playing with something new, even if it is a dirt cheap new watercolour palette is all I need to kickstart my creativity at times. </li><li><strong>Make an altar. </strong>I am slowly but surely collecting stuff for a creative altar in my office, filled with inspirations, quotes to hang on the wall over it, tiny lights. It will be bright and colourful by the time I am done :) </li><li><strong>Always dance.</strong> Even if walking and standing is hard, you can still dance sitting in the chair, nothing like dancing to bring up the positive energy. </li><li><strong>List your fears.</strong> When fears get to hang around in your head, they can spook you at any time. When you make a list of all things you fear related to your creativity, you are golden!</li><li><strong>Keep an idea notebook.</strong> I always have something to write on and a writing instrument with me. Also, my phone. Whenever an idea strikes, I grab either of them, and scribble scribble scribble. You never know where the idea takes you!</li><li><strong>Limit distractions.</strong> I had to take a good hard look at what I do when I procrastinate. It ain't pretty :) Getting rid of those distractions is key!</li><li><strong>Don't compare.</strong> If I start to think that someone's art is better than mine, I stop creating. Get inspired, but stop comparing!</li><li><strong>Have fun.</strong> When I wrote this list, I had a huge smile on my face, drawing out everything. That smile is all I need to keep creating :)</li></ol>        

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