20 reasons why I love to (bullet)journal

I sit here with my journal in my lap, ready to write in it after I finish this post?

I have been thinking about a topic for Write Wednesday all day and only now this one dropped in my head. Funny how that works.

Here is a list of 20 totally random reasons why I love to (bullet)journal.

  1. I just love it when I am almost exasperated opening my journal, so gleeful to write things down.
  2. Journaling calms me down, centres me.
  3. I love to glue things that remind me of my day in my journal.
  4. It keeps my brain clear of clutter, I can just sit down and write my list.
  5. I love to write with fountain pens.
  6. I love paper, especially great fountain pen paper.
  7. It is such a joy to sit down and rummage through filled journals.
  8. I love that my journal is such a positive space (no grumpy allowed), it gives me space to find my true self every day.
  9. My bullet journal keeps me honest on what I eat in a day.
  10. Tracking my health helps me be compassionate to myself.
  11. My journals are my playground.
  12. My journal is a space to be contemplative, to find my truth.
  13. My bullet journal helps me remember what is important in a day.
  14. I love to make lists of things I like, of books I want to read.
  15. My bullet journal has all kinds of very helpful lists. I don’t forget anything if I stick to them. That makes me feel calmer.
  16. Just the act of writing things down helps me remember them a 1000 times better than when I write them down in Evernote.
  17. I love to colour my journal pages, makes it a party to write on them.
  18. I love to doodle on my journal pages and show the world as I see it.
  19. I love to scribble my tiny poems in my journal. Just seeing them again later always makes me smile.
  20. Journaling makes me a better writer.

(I think the last one deserves a blog post!)

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