20 before 2020

Ever since 18 before 2018 I’ve participated in an end-of-year goal challenge, I believe it was first initiated by Lisa Jacobs.

I love this kind of goal setting challenge. As my goals are kinda huge in the case of some, I decided to post my list now, and not in November as I did the last time I shared my list (I kept my 2019 list private).

So here’s my 20 before 2020 list, both creative and personal. I wanted to keep them separate at first, but everything is part of my life.

  1. Publish a book.
  2. Bring my current novel to second draft.
  3. First draft my short story collection.
  4. Finish reading 100 books.
  5. Keep up with 16/8 on most days of the rest of the year.
  6. Organise/declutter the office and label everything.
  7. Do a 21 day sugar detox.
  8. Collect 100 tiny poems for a poetry book to be published in 2020.
  9. Launch my passion project.
  10. Fill up my poetry journal, write poetry daily (and share some!)
  11. Get portrait pictures taken.
  12. Weekend away with my husband.
  13. Finish my current art journal.
  14. Declutter another room.
  15. Make a huge mixed media project I’ve been wanting to make for ages.
  16. Fill up my current sketchbook.
  17. Create a morning and evening routine (and stick to it!)
  18. Go to a sauna and soak up the heat.
  19. Follow along with at least 3 sketching classes on Creative Bug.
  20. Write/Edit daily during NaNoWriMo.

I will post regular updates on my progress during the rest of the year, and I will share a final update in the new year.

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