15 reasons to play

I  have had play at the center of my life for a long time now and I wanted to share some of the benefits that I have discovered on my adventures with play.

When you play….

  1. You create more!
    When you play, your heart is deeply involved in the creative process. Eventually you create because it makes you smile and all the fears and doubts disappear.
  2. You laugh more!
    I realized in my journey deep into playing that life is really about one choice. You choose to be happy or you choose to be miserable. Play helps with that choice. When you choose happiness you know there are more laughs ?
  3. You have more adventures!
    When you play you make everything an adventure. Even grocery shopping can be an adventure.
  4. You act more!
    Do you really need to overthink everything? Act more! Play through your life and do what you feel you need to do ?
  5. You love more!
    The more you play, the more you release your fear, the more you open up to love.
  6. You dream more!
    When I was a little Sylly, I was a pro at daydreaming. Now I play more, I find myself staring at far horizons and daydreaming a LOT. Most of the time I write my blog posts in under 15 minutes because I let my mind wander long enough for the text to come ?
  7. You think more creative!
    (yes I know this is bad English, blame my late night creativity spree ? )
    When you play, you don’t just see a piece of paper. You see a whole world that can live on there, you see art or you see words. You see a paper airplane. Play makes your creative thoughts grow and grow and grow.
  8. You make chores fun!
    I used to HATE doing dishes. Now, not so much. I play with the foam, put on some butt-shake-making music and gooooooooo. Look at chores you hate. How can you play them fun?
  9. You care more!
    This is one of those intuitive flashes that I jotted down. I wrote it and then thought: why? Then I thought, “well, if I play I feel happier and when I feel happier I take much better care of myself. Ohhh and that must mean I care better for all around me too!”
  10. You become happier!
    Think back to your childhood. I bet you were excited to get up every day just because there were so many awesome things waiting for you. This feeling comes back when you play more!
  11. Your life rocks more!
    Play every day and before you know it, there is a skip in your step, a song in your head, a dance in your body. Your life becomes simpler on one hand and so much richer on the other. It rocks!
  12. You dance more!
    When you play you become more joyful. When you are more joyful, you won’t be able to resist some butt-shaking music. Dance!
  13. You do what you love more!
    When you play, you automatically gravitate to your favorite things in the world to do, just like a child grabbing for their favorite toy.
  14. You get to know your needs!
    This is one of the most awesome side effects of playing every day. You get to know what your real needs are. Sometimes all you need is some pens and some paper to doodle and write all day. Sometimes all you need is to read a book you loved as a child and smile. Sometimes all you need is to eat some food that makes your stomach happy.
  15. You love your body more!
    When you play you don’t worry about your body image or things that you don’t like in the mirror. You just are happy to be in it because that means you can PLAY!

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