I'm Sylvia.

Creative Jane of all Trades.

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Working on the second book of my poetry collection, editing a memoir and a fantasy short story collection


10 May 2021
I'm working on a new journal, and that one really blows my mind. I'm literally playing it together, looking at all I've written for 20 minutes and then asking myself: what else is missing?
It's a whole new way of writing, but I'm here for it!

16 April 2021
I keep forgetting to mention that I now have a Micro Blog. I really enjoy it. I share most of my posts to my Twitter, but I also share posts for the micro blog only.

24 March 2021
Published a free journal! Click here to grab it.

2 March 2020
I've decided to quit blogging for a while and focus on the projects I'm working on.
I haven't felt like blogging for a long time, and my blog suffered from that. I blogged in bursts, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month at best.
The pandemic has forced me to focus on what really matters. I was basically anxious for a long time and I'm ready to not have to think about SEO optimisation for a while.
I do intend to update Instagram regularly though! Follow the link below to my profile.

My Books


A poetry book filled with tiny poems written for comfort.

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111 tiny poems to soothe your soul

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Hi, I’m Sylvia van Bruggen, and I’m a poet, author and creative Jane of all trades.

I’ve self-published several books, and am hard at work to add at least 3 titles to my line-up in 2021.

I'm passionate about living a simple life, living my passion: writing, especially writing poetry.

I call myself a creative Jane of all trades, because other than writing projects, I often have craft and art projects on the go.

The beauty of this is that being creative makes me a better writer. Knitting can calm any anxiety.

Losing and finding my creative spark

I have chronic pain, and in the last couple of years, I completely lost my creative mojo thanks to a new foot injury.

Lately, even in the midst of isolating due to the pandemic, I've started to truly focus on my creativity, no matter how I feel.

My current projects

I work on multiple projects at the same time usually, all distinctive enough to be easily interchangeable.

Here's my current project list:

  • 111 book 2 is edited and ready for formatting and publication

  • Am playing my second journal together, it's a guided gratitude journal and I really like it so far.

  • I've finished the first draft of a memoir about pain and creativity, will edit it later in the year

  • And last but certainly not least, I'm editing a novel I started to write in 2017.

The best thing of all

I’m back, I’m writing, and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.