I am not my work

Where I share why good or bad reviews of my work don't influence me as a writer. »

How I counteract writing-related fears

When it comes to writing, I am never alone. And I don’t mean that I always have a cat nearby. I mean that my fears are there. The big ones, like fear of being seen, fear of making mistakes and fear of not being good enough. To counteract them, »

Positive Journaling

A couple of years ago I’ve decided that my journaling is never going to be negative. I had done years of morning pages and just couldn’t stand keeping those thoughts on paper or on my computer anymore. I tore up the journals and shredded them, and tossed away »

On paperbacks and being a writer

Ever since I’ve published Ganesha’s Blessings, many moons ago now, I’ve wanted the book in paperback. When MindScreens followed, I felt the same way. I didn’t publish them as paperback, because CreateSpace intimidated me, with all the rules and regulations. Now paperbacks are in KDP (the »

Functional bullet journaling

Every time I watch a video or see a blog post about minimalist bullet journals, I see so many comments from people who say they are so relieved to see it, as they don’t have super neat bullet journals like most people do. I wish my bullet journal was »

Going back to writing

Every time I’ve been sick I have to find/fight my way back to writing daily. It’s a process. Sometimes I write little, meaningless things, other times I write half-finished blog posts I need to edit down. Sometimes I just sit down and surprise myself by writing something »