Your heroes are people too

The other day I watched something on TV featuring one of my biggest heroes. He said that he struggled with self-confidence.

I was so taken aback by that. I couldn’t figure out why. I mulled over it for a couple of weeks, and here is this post.

We tend to forget our heroes are people.

And of course, if our heroes are creatives, crushing self-doubt comes into the equation for them too. Do you really think your heroes sit around thinking they are all fucking fabulous every moment of every day?


They have doubts, fears, anxieties just like you do. You think of them as perfect. They don’t see themselves as quite that way.

That was the first thing I had to get my head around. That someone I thought of as so perfect lacked self-confidence. Just like me.

And then it hit me.

He’s a fuckin’ warrior.

He looks at the lack of self-confidence every day and writes his music. And not only that, he goes out and plays it too. And he writes new music.

For him, there is no other way.

And it’s about damn time I learn that too.

Fuck self-doubt.

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