Writing log for November

Well, after I posted my momentous news in the log for 12 November, I stopped writing logs entirely. In part because I didn’t have much to report, in another part because I really didn’t feel these posts would be interesting.

But I forgot something important: I write these logs for me, mostly.

So, here’s my writing log for the rest of November.

First, here is the list of projects I posted on 8 November, plus updates on them.

  1. First draft of my memoir
    Finished on 12 November!
  2. (start the) Second draft of my novel
    Started to edit in the last week of November. It’s a LOT of work but I know it will make the book SO much better.
  3. First draft of a short story collection
    Only 10 more stories to go, can easily finish in December.
  4. Write a journal
    Started planning and taking notes. Should be ready by the end of the year.
  5. Process the edits of the second book of 111 Tiny Poems and get a proof copy
    This is the easiest one and I haven’t done anything with it. Really need to stop procrastinating this one!

All in all I think I didn’t do bad at all. I ended the month with a word count of almost 16K. Not bad given that I was mostly editing during the month!

And given that this is a writing log, here are my responses to my prompts:

my writing log for November 2020

I’ve worked on: My memoir, my novel and my short story collection. I did also draft some blog posts, but never got to post them, so I have a collection of posts to schedule for later in the year 🙂

I’ve read: I’ve listened to Nobody wants to read your shit by Steven Pressfield, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from that book. My goodness… What a book!

I’m still reading Still Writing by Dani Shapiro, taking my time with it.

To be honest though, most of the month I read either romance or mystery. Perfect palate cleansers for writing 🙂

I’ve learned: That I really really REALLY am a writer. Even when I wasn’t feeling well (IE the last 2 weeks of the month) I still wrote. Not a lot, but I wrote. Working on a book of short stories really helped with that.

Insights after writing this month: I’ve learned (again) that being creative in general makes me a better writer. Also, reading does that, and given that I’ve read 10 books or so in November, I know it has helped me grow as a writer.

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