Writing log for 12 November

This is an exciting writing log!

I’ve worked on (and finished the first draft of!): my memoir! That means 1 out of 5 projects is done! Going to start to edit some short stories next.

my writing log

The memoir, meanwhile, gets to relax in my writing folder until I’m ready to edit it again in December/January.

I’ve read: still listening to Steven Pressfield’s nobody wants to read your sh*t, and constantly have to stop because I get so many insights from it.

I’ve learned: that I am resilient. At the start of the week I faced 8 out of 16 chapters with scenes to write or rewrite. I thought it would be a lot of work and that it would probably take me the rest of the month.

But, the will to work on fiction runs deeper than my fears!

Insights after writing today: I’m so happy that I’m editing in Scrivener. The colour coding makes it so easy to hop and skip to scenes I still have to take a peek at.

Which means that eventually I will have to try and get my book OUT of Scrivener again, and I know what a headache compiling is.

But first, celebration!

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