Writing and the art of pea pushing

This morning I felt like a very accomplished person. I woke up at 7:30, and almost immediately fired up my computer to write because inspiration struck hard.

It’s now 8:40 and I’m writing this blog post. What did I do between those times? I did about 20 minutes of writing and then I started to push peas.

The art of pea pushing

Remember as a child you really really really didn’t want to eat the peas? So you pushed them around the plate and then finally had only peas left to eat.

This behavior has slipped into the pattern that stems from the root of your ego, what I like to call your Shadow Child. The moment you write, all the Shadow Child wants is to push peas around with the same sense of dread you felt as a little child when you had to eat peas.

Instead of writing you follow the shiny 1 that shows you there is new mail, or there are new updates on Facebook. Your Shadow Child is a crafty little critter. It keeps you from writing because pushing peas is fun for it. Pushing peas keeps it wallowing in fear.

Fearing to write

There’s nothing scarier to the Shadow Child than following your dreams and playing your way there. Following your dreams means that it has no reason to be there. Following your dreams means becoming one with your Inner Child. Following your dreams means that there is nothing in your way anymore, there’s just love for who you are and what you do.

Kick the peas away and start writing!

Promise yourself you can push peas when you are done writing. Promise yourself an hour of procrastination for two hours of writing. Let your Inner Child’s creativity and sheer joy for life heal little miss grumpypants.

And when you are beckoned by the shiny 1 that tells you there is new mail, set a timer, something that will blare in your ear and tell you that pea pushing is over and there’s a lot of play to be done in writing your first draft! I sure am going to after I hit send on this blog post 🙂

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