Write through a crisis

Last year there was a big family crisis. During that time I didn’t write a thing. I just let my feelings and stress overwhelm me and carry me onward. Then I stopped and grabbed myself by the collar. Why the heck didn’t I use Play?

I grabbed my Eee-pc, put my fingers on the keyboard, and started writing a story about a character I have grown to love, Rabbit

Within moments I had a smile on my face. I lost the story because I forgot that the Eee-pc needed to be plugged into a socket to keep functioning, but I didn’t care. I changed my mood instantly by playing with my writing.

Turning the kaleidoscope

It made something crystal clear to me. No matter how the circumstances are, how sad, or how scared you are, you can make yourself feel better by playing. The circumstances don’t change. You just change how you feel.

There was an added benefit to writing my story about Rabbit. Play gave me energy, gave me the strength to continue to deal with the situation at hand.

Over to you!

Do you have a character that makes you giggle the moment you write him or her?

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