Write like a jigsaw

The other day a friend of mine offered a discount code for Scrivener through twitter. I jumped at the chance, and before long I became a proud Scrivener.

It is changing my writing process dramatically. If you would have told me beforehand that it would, I would have shaken my head and wondered if you’d gone nuts. I was quite set in my ways. Mostly a pantser, always writing in order, taking notes on where my plot was going, and about my characters. The rewrites were usually extensive, the reason why I still haven’t finished editing a novel to the final draft.

And now?

I am writing a novel in Scrivener. I have sort of an outline, more of a collection of lines that could form a plot if I focus on it.

The biggest joy? I write scenes out of order. If I get an idea for a scene in the book, no matter where I just write that scene and plonk it in the file. And if it doesn’t fit where I thought it should, I just move it to a new place. It’s heaven.

The awesome thing about writing out of order is that it’s pure play. I compare it to a jigsaw puzzle. I love the fact that I get to write my book like I lay a jigsaw, gathering the puzzle pieces until I have a solid first draft. It is such fun! The best part of it is that I can’t get stuck in my plot anymore. I can just write wherever I want to write and leave the parts I got stuck in for a later time. I’ve already noticed that I find my answers while writing somewhere else.

Have you ever tried to write a novel out of order? Was it a success?

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