Why procrastination happens (and how I escape it)

I have some big plans and ideas for Leap to Joy, and while I am working on them, I can feel an old negative habit sneak in: procrastination.

Here are some examples of what has happened in the past week:

I sat behind my desk and endlessly sorted things in the name of decluttering just to avoid working on my plans.

I watched TV shows instead of setting up a mindmap for a new journal I want to create.

When I notice this behaviour in myself (and yes, sometimes that takes a while) I immediately switch to what brings me joy.

Doing joyful things like drawing, working in my bullet journal, or doing a puzzle game on my iPad isn’t intimidating or scary. It’s just fun!

And as I play in this way, my mind gets out of the panic mode that drove me to procrastinate and I can jump back into working on my projects with relative ease.

This is a level of awareness that wasn’t born in a day, but as I take leaps to joy every day, I’m becoming much better at detecting procrastination attempts.

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