Why I write

I write because I love to write.

And even though that should be enough, I have a lot of sub-reasons. Sometimes just saying that I love to write is enough. Sometimes I need the sub-reasons.

  • I write because I love the feeling when a blog post desperately wants to be written, no matter what.
  • I write because I know I have something to say.
  • I write because nothing makes me happier than writing.
  • I write because it’s the only thing that makes me feel at home in myself.
  • I write because I love the physicality of it, the pen across paper, the fingers across the keyboard.
  • I write because I love words.

As I wrote this list, and there are many more reasons to add to it, I realized there are some areas in my writing life that I  need to fill up with more of my love for writing.

  • I need to love editing my novel more. I haven’t edited an awful lot on it this past month, and that is because I am afraid I will do the novel a disservice by not editing it to perfection in this round.
  • I need to see that perfection doesn’t exist. The fact that I sit down every day and work my butt off to finish this novel, does.
  • I need to love sharing my work. I need to learn to see it as something that is invariably part of my job. I need to see it as loving, not something unethical and icky.
  • I need to love my work more. I need to embrace the fact that writing is the only thing that makes me feel completely at home in myself, and that other forms of creativity all help me find my words.

Writing these lists makes me smile from ear to ear. It taught me a lot too, and I can take these lessons with me in my daily writing progress.

I just love to be a writer.

To me, Et’s the perfect life.

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